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What’s the difference between our 2+1 Grooming Oil Vs. Our Beard Oil?

You might be asking yourself, why do we have a grooming oil and a beard oil? This is a simple answer; We wanted to create a grooming product for those who may not be interested in caring for a beard. Now, our oils are similar in formulation, they serve different purposes. That is why the grooming oil is called 2+1; its main purpose is designed for the pre-shave treatment of the skin and post-shave treatment. This is for those who are prone to razor bumps and skin irritation from shaving. However, it can also be used as a beard oil as well because of the formulation. Also, in our grooming oil formulations, we use a low mixture of essential oil that is beneficial to your skin to eliminate skin irritation.

Here are the steps for the pre-shave and Post Shave:


Apply oil to the face and neck area before shaving. Allow the oil to set for about 5 minutes then apply your shaving cream. This will help to cushion your skin for a much closer shave. It will also protect, lubricate, and condition your skin.

Post- Shave

After you have shaved and cleaned your face now you are ready for the next step to start your day. Apply a few drops of oil to your face and neck area to calm and smooth your skin. You can apply this after your aftershave.


Now if you have a beard; this oil also works well for you. If you are looking for a heavier scented oil, this is when you would switch over to our beard oil. Our beard oil is scented heavier and has more customized scents. However, the grooming oil provides your beard with all the wonderful benefits it needs for the day. This might become a little tricky, but it comes down to your personal choice of what you like and is looking for.

The Beard Oil

Now you might be asking yourself, if I can use the grooming oil on my beard, I should be able to use the beard oil when I shave! As we stated earlier the formulations are similar, but this is when it becomes different. This is when we may use a customized blend of oils for a maximum scent throw, that gives your beard that smell good and feel-good look! The main purpose of a beard oil is to hydrate, condition, nourish your beard and the underlying skin. To minimize itch and to soften your beard which will help keep your hair and skin hydrated and reduce flaking. You can apply your beard oil up to 3 times a day to keep it fresh and shining!

Remember if you have any nut allergies check the ingredients. Hope this helped answer a few questions. Remember to always be a gentleman and stay fresh! Happy Grooming!!


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